Eve Capital is a boutique private equity and consulting firm that launched in 2014. Our private equity efforts are focused on the financial and technology industries. We are currently working on bringing multiple new exchange-traded funds (ETF) to the marketplace, and are in the process of seeding several new technology ventures. Our principals have significant experience in the financial industry and our consulting efforts are aligned with that experience. Above all else, we are about open-minded, energetic entrepreneurship – whether that’s creating new ventures ourselves or partnering with others.



Eve generates investment ideas internally, but we are also constantly evaluating external opportunities. We look for ways to invest with entrepreneurs looking to grow and remain flexible on partnership structure. Our preference is to make investments where the relationship is more like a partnership, where Eve’s expertise and capabilities, rather than just capital, can be leveraged.

We strongly believe that alignment of interests between investors and entrepreneurs is critical; however, we are not dogmatic about structure. We do not limit ourselves to partnering with companies that lie within a particular stage of the business life cycle. That could lead to pitfalls and missed opportunities. For instance, an established company in a mature or declining industry that launches a new product or enters a new market is not unlike a startup. With thoughtful structuring, the private equity investor could receive a risk/return profile similar to those of a successful startup, and the entrepreneur can reduce their capital requirements while leveraging the strengths of their existing business.

If you were focused solely on startup opportunities, these later-stage opportunities would never receive consideration. Naturally many of the opportunities we evaluate are in the financial space. Ideally our investments in that space are projects and products that can streamline and simplify financial markets.


Within our consulting activities, we work with financial firms of all sizes. In today’s marketplace, product structure has become as important as the investment itself. We have worked with RIAs interested in a variety of pursuits – from bringing out a publicly traded vehicle based on an existing strategy (ETF, CEF, BDC) to those looking for a way to structure their sales compensation given the new landscape of products.

Does it still make sense for a salesperson to get paid on gross sales within the ETF marketplace? Where do we have gaps in our product lineup? Should we be engaged in social media? How should we compensate our sales folks? These are questions our clients are continually asking, and these are the questions we help them answer.
We will help you map out your entire plan – from investment strategy and investment vehicle to marketing, sales and budget. Along with consulting, we have the capabilities to assist with the execution of your plan. Through our partners, Eve has a full-service marketing team that can work within your budget. Along with handling your media plan, Eve and our partners will do the media buying, creation, mockups and website design. We have witnessed firsthand how distracting these concerns can become to an investment advisor. They need not be a distraction with Eve as your partner.

Along with a marketing plan, we can help you create an overall strategy. The first step is to evaluate your needs and existing business. If you intend on launching more than one product, then perhaps it’s best to build out the internal infrastructure to support your growth, rather than relying on third-party vendors. If the goal is to bring out a single fund, like an ETF, then we would help locate a white-label issuer that has the exemption relief you might need. There are specialty shops that will launch an ETF for you, but then you are left on your own to grow assets. With Eve Capital, we will create a total strategy and budget for you from the beginning. We are the architect for your retail business. The worst thing for your business is to start a project and have to sacrifice funding due to unforeseen costs. We can go beyond the plan and help you execute it in a timely fashion. All you have to do is do what you love: managing your clients’ assets.




Above all else, we are about open-minded, energetic entrepreneurship – whether that’s creating new ventures ourselves or partnering with others.